Square Tapered Glass Vases

This tall square tapered shape flower glass vase makes a decorative centerpiece for home or wedding. The glass vase will work great with floating candles or flowers.

  • Item Number: AHD-GV002
  • Product Size: various sizes
  • Material: Clear glass
  • Origin: China
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These classic glass vases also referred to as flower containers are best sellers in the floral supply, home décor, and wedding planning industry. From home decorators, to event planners, everyone makes use of a good quality basic glass vase. It will enhance any romantic event when filled with roses, even restaurant tables when filled with candles, or any party when filled with lights and vase fillers.

Clear glass vases are very popular with fresh flower arrangements as well as silk or dried floral designs. But it is also commonly used as candle holders, storage containers (in modern offices), aquariums or fish tanks, pot-pourri containers, and centerpieces.

Sizes available:
Open-10x10cm, Base-7x7cm, High-20cm
Open-10x10cm, Base-7x7cm, High-20cm
Open-15x15cm, Base-10x10cm, High-50cm
Open-17x17cm, Base-10x10cm, High-40cm
Open-16.5×16.5cm, Base-11.5×11.5cm, High-40cm